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About Xotic Effects:

You're always ready to rock, so you deserve effects that are too. Good news: there's no better way to describe Xotic Effects pedals. Some of the best-known and most widely-used pedals ever released have come from Xotic, and you've got every reason to put them on your own pedalboard today. With their winning combination of high-tech electronics, top-shelf parts and innovative design, they're state-of-the-art stompboxes that hold their own in any musical style. Whether you're a hard rocker, jazz swinger or even a country strummer, there are Xotic effects perfect for your personal tone.

A lot of musicians might recognize Xotic first for their heavily-customized basses from the 1990s. Wanting to make those instruments even better was what inspired them to create their first pedals late in that decade. Today, the pedals have done more than just enhance Xotic custom basses... they've surpassed them to become Xotic's most sought-after gear. Change is sometimes a good thing, and we think that's definitely the case here - with the ability to match an Xotic pedal to your guitar or bass of choice, there's no limit to the sounds you can create.

The only thing more impressive than the sound of Xotic effects is the list of artists who use them. That might also be the best place to start to decide which ones are right for you. For instance, do you want to achieve a sound like Eddie Van Halen or Jimmy Page? If so, you should check out the EP Booster Guitar Effects Pedal, designed to emulate the legendary EP-3 echo machine. Maybe you're simply in need of a way to rein in interference in your attack and sustain - in that case, the SP Compressor Guitar Pedal has you covered. Want to go back to Xotic's roots and supercharge your bass? It's no problem with the Bass BB Preamp Distortion/Booster Bass Effects Pedal.

No matter which pedals you decide to add to your kit, you can trust them to live up to the amazing reputation that Xotic Effects has built up over their two-decade history. You'll be joining an elite roster of musicians that includes Neal Schon and Eric Johnson, and there's a simple reason why world-class artists are putting Xotic on their pedalboards: the sound is just that good.