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Bigger isn't necessarily better, and if you want some evidence to prove that, just take a look at the Yamaha FS series. These small-scale acoustic guitars are a cross between the flagship LS series models and the FG series acoustics. Designed to support articulate playing styles, even for guitarists with smaller hands, they're solid choices for musicians of all skill levels. If you're a beginner, you'll appreciate how easy these guitars can be to play. And for those of us with a little more experience under our belt, the smooth response, focused precision and sweet tone all make for an instrument that shines whether you're recording in the studio or fingerpicking live onstage.

Like any guitar, choosing the right model from the Yamaha FS series depends on what you need from your instrument. Looking for an entry-level design suited to casual play and light professional use? The Yamaha FS800 Folk Acoustic Guitar has you covered. From there, you can step up to the FS820 or FS830 Small Body Acoustic Guitars, or check out the top end of the lineup with the Yamaha FS850 Concert Acoustic Guitar. Want the option of plugging directly into an amp or digital recording setup? In that case, you'll be all set with one of the acoustic-electric models, which you can spot by looking for the 'X' and 'C' in the model number, as in the FSX800C, FSX820C and FSX830C.

The recipe for Yamaha FS acoustics isn't a complicated one: take great tonewoods, consistent craftsmanship and a smaller folk-inspired body style, then mix them together at a price point every musician can afford. The result is a guitar that's incredibly versatile, sounds great and makes the perfect partner for small-scale aficionados from all walks of life. So whatever you like best about the guitars in this section, it's safe to say that's only the tip of the iceberg - and you'll probably like the rest of the package just as much.