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Martin 12 String Sets for Acoustic Guitar

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When we think of Martin, usually we think of guitars. With a history going back to 1833, C.F. Martin & Co. is one of the country's oldest luthiers and still the best-respected by countless of acoustic guitarists. What you might not have known, though, is that Martin also sells strings. By picking up a 12-string set for your acoustic guitar, you can put the exact same strings on a Martin 12 that it came with, or even add a touch of Martin's characteristic sound to any other acoustic guitar in your collection. Of course, being acoustic guitar strings, you know that the most common ones you'll find are bronze and phosphor-bronze. If you're a session guru, you might like the MSP3600 Studio Performance strings. They're extra-light, making them easy to handle and well-suited to playing delicate passages in the recording booth. For any guitarist, the Marquis series are also a great choice, giving you a great combination of playability and tone.

If you like a smoother string, consider the Martin M200 12-String Acoustic Folk Guitar Silk and Steel Strings. The roundwound wrap wire lends these strings a classic surface feel, but their silk layering makes them buttery-smooth and easy to play. That makes them excellent strings not only for folk musicians, but also for students, who are sure to appreciate the softer touch and easier fretting.

Another great set of strings to put on your guitar for nimble fingerwork is the Martin FX700 Custom Gauge Flexible Core series. These are designed to add sustain without detracting from the classic phosphor-bronze tone. Their flexible core wire comes with a few other fringe benefits, such as better consistency than other light-gauge strings when drop-tuning as well as better agility under your fingertips.

Virtually everyone in the guitar community knows that Martin makes some amazing instruments. Now, maybe it's about time you found out what their strings can do for you as well. These complete sets make it easy to replace the entire course of a 12-string acoustic guitar, so you've got every reason to make the leap and take Martin for a spin the next time you re-string.