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Finding an ideal set of acoustic guitar strings is easier than you think. All you have to do is look for the name that musicians have been trusting for over 175 years. Martin acoustic guitar strings are the go-to choice of players from around the world thanks to the high-quality components that are used in every string set they design. In fact, Martin acoustic guitar strings are engineered by guitarists who know exactly what needs to go into a string to make it a perfect balance of playability, durability and tone.

Before choosing a set of Martin acoustic strings, it's important to consider your own needs first, for the reason that certain Martin string styles and gauges are more suitable for some types of music than others. For example, if you play bluegrass, look no further than the M240 80/20 Round Wound Bluegrass strings. Consisting of bronze alloy to ensure they last long, these strings are wound to precise specifications, and the core and wrap wires meet strict requirements to give bluegrass musicians the volume and brightness they desire. For blues and finger-style guitarists, check out the FX640 Light 80/20 bronze acoustic guitar strings. The thinner core wire used on this set allows you to have greater control and a sharper attack, and the improved flexibility and harmonic sustain makes them an optimal choice for leads.

Martin is also well-known for their nylon strings, such as the M120 Silverplated Classical Acoustic guitar strings. The consistency of these strings is amazing, and the silverplated winding resists corrosion, so you can bet that they will hold up through countless practices and performances.

Whether you're a pro in the business or an enthusiastic amateur, every guitar player deserves to hone their skills on a set of strings that were crafted with care and passion. Of course, when you go Martin, you can have comfort in knowing that the acoustic guitar strings you're playing on are the same strings that are found on the globe's biggest stages night after night.