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Martin 6 String Sets for Acoustic Guitar

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For almost two centuries, C.F. Martin & Co. has been leading the way for American luthiers. Their instruments carry a lot of prestige in the guitarist community, and that's a reputation that really ought to be extended to their strings as well. Whether you're looking to re-string a Martin guitar with original strings or maybe bring the Martin touch to one of your other instruments, these 6-string sets for acoustic guitar make it an easy prospect. Naturally, the strings you'll find the most of in any acoustic guitar selection are traditional bronze and phosphor-bronze. Martin has a ton of these to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding just the gauge you like or even a multi-package set, which is great if you're an educator, touring musician or anyone else who needs lots of string changes on hand. Maybe your goal is to make as few of those changes as possible? If so, you should definitely take a look at Martin's Lifespan SP series. Their coating helps them last quite a bit longer than standard strings.

For guitarists who like their strings really pliable, another series to consider is the FX Flexible Core line. These come in bronze, phosphor-bronze and silk-and-phosphor varieties, so you can choose your favorite tonal qualities to combine with their excellent playability. The Martin Bluegrass series strings are also great options, specially designed to deliver the classic tone that defines the genre.

If it's a particular artist's sound that you'd like to gear up for, you just might be in luck. Martin has several signature strings available to deliver the personalized tones of guitar legends like Eric Clapton. His "Clapton's Choice" phosphor-bronze strings can really bring out the expressiveness in a performance. Or, to give another nod to the bluegrass crowd, check out the Tony Rice Signature Acoustic Guitar strings, which Martin created by working closely with Rice to revive the long-lost sound of his favorite discontinued strings.

If there's one thing that signature strings prove, it's that the choice of guitar strings is a very personal thing. That's why only you can say which style and gauge of strings is perfect for you - but with Martin's selection, one thing that's certain is you can probably find those strings here. Whatever you decide on, you can be sure that a 6-string set from Martin is an excellent choice for your acoustic guitar.