Mapex Acoustic Drums

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Mapex has been making acoustic drums for around 20 years. For a time, all of their drum series were named after planets - a convention which made sense considering that, with a great drummer on the throne, the sounds that come from their kits can be out of this world. A few of those great drummers include Chris Adler from Lamb of God, Chris Pennie of Coheed and Cambria and Nick D'Virgilio, a session master who has done work with the likes of Phil Collins and Tears for Fears. Maybe your name will be the next one to go on the list of legendary Mapex drummers. Check out the wide assortment of shell packs to get you started. If you're new to drumming, you might kick off your career with the Voyager or Horizon series. These entry-level drums are ideal kits for first-timers and hobbyists who want pro-like quality in an affordable package. For the intermediate and semi-pro level, consider stepping up to the darlings of the Mapex catalog: the Meridian Birch and slightly higher-end Meridian Maple series. Looking to go all-out? Then you'll want to give the Saturn series a whirl. These are among Chris Adler's drums of choice, using layered plies of maple and walnut in their shells to deliver a richer tone than all-maple shells of the same size. There are multiple versions of Mapex Saturn drums to choose from, including rock and jazz-tweaked models each in standard and exotic editions, as well as drums optimized especially for the studio.

If you're like most drummers, you probably like to customize your kit down to the last detail. In which case, you'll be glad to know that Mapex also carries a complete range of standalone snares, toms and bass drums. These are available matched to the various Mapex shell set series, such as the Meridian, Armory, MyDentity and Horizon, as well as the high-end Black Panther and MPX lines. The Black Panther series is particularly worth a look for exacting snare drum aficionados, since these are Mapex's premium snares and they have the immaculate reputation to prove it.

From individual drums to complete 4, 5 and even 6-piece shell packs, Mapex has everything you need to give your favorite sticks and brushes a workout. It doesn't matter if you're new to the drumming game or if you're up there with the likes of Nick D'Virgilio - there's a Mapex fit for any musician who has the drive to put this percussion through its paces.