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Roundwound Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Although every acoustic guitar player has their own preferences when it comes to string gauge and string material type, there's no doubt that roundwound acoustic guitar strings are the most popular. From their cutting tone to their generous price, roundwound acoustic guitar strings are favored by musicians of all skill levels and playing techniques. In this section alone you'll discover that a wide array of gauges and material types are available in the roundwound construction style. Whether you're searching for a lighter string gauge that's easy to fret, a 12-string set for fingerstyle picking or a silk and steel string pack for playing folk music, it's all waiting in these pages.

To make your search easier, you might want to try narrowing down your choices by subcategory. For example, under "Narrow By", you can search specifically by brand, price range, best sellers, string gauge and even material. Using these search tools is a great way to speed up your decision and find exactly what you're looking for quicker.

So what roundwound acoustic guitar string sets are sitting in this section? You name it! Companies like D'Addario are here offering top-rated packs like the EXP16 Coasted Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings (known for their brightness, clarity and durability). Or, how about Martin: they're one of the most beloved names in acoustic guitar history and you'll come across more than enough Martin string sets here, including the M170 80/20 Bronze Round Wound Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings - 4 Pack. Even Thomastik has options here; the AC113 Plectrum Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings are ideal for anyone who wants a mellow sound with low tension on the bottom end.

Today's selection of roundwound acoustic guitar strings is growing constantly because companies like the ones mentioned above are always listening to the wants and needs of today's players. For this reason, it never hurts to stock up on more than one string set. After all, roundwound acoustic guitar strings are super affordable and trying out various types will give you a better idea of which ones are right for you.