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For many guitar players, tone is everything. And for those musicians, there are Budda amplifiers. Budda specializes in creating amps that blend the balance of warm tube gain stages with an incredibly responsive attack; the result of which are some truly special tonescapes that need to be experienced to be believed. Founded in 1995 by chief designer Jeff Bober and Scot Sier, Budda scored an early breakthrough with their low-wattage, hand-wired Twinmaster. Nearly 20 years later, Budda continue to push the engineering of amplifiers forward, and have been recognized for their hard work by receiving the Guitar Player Editors Pick award for tone and workmanship.

Budda amps are used by a wide mix of legends and up and comers in the music industry. Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Alex Skolnick of Testament, Leslie West of Mountain, Tomo Milicevic of Thirty Seconds to Mars, James Richardson of MGMT, Matthew Embree and Steve Choi of RX Bandits, Jason Aldean, and more make use of these incredible amps on stage and in the studio.

If you're a serious musician, Budda amps are made with you in mind. Options such as the Superdrive 18 Series II 1x12 Combo Amp are great for the guitarist who wants everything all in one package. With over-the-top distortion and incredible dynamic range, this Budda is great for gigging and practice. If you're looking for something with even more power, try the Superdrive 30 Series II 2x12 Combo amp on for size. Built for the road, this amp features high quality components and craftsmanship. With deep bass, amazing highs and perfectly balanced mid-tones, a Budda amp has never sounded better.

For almost two decades, Budda has been helping make guitar players sound their best. With world class build techniques, award winning performances, and a signature look that stands out on any stage or in any studio, Budda makes amplifiers for players who are ready to step up and take their skills to the next level.