Bass Amplifier Stacks

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An electric bass is an instrument in two parts. On its own, the bass guitar is little more than a sculpture, easy on the eyes without much of a voice—but once it's connected to a bass amplifier stack, your instrument finds its place as one of music's most prominent fixtures. The amplifier stack is the yin to your bass' yang, filling any venue with the sweet sounds of the strings. A complete bass amplifier stack is the simple, all-in-one solution to get up and running quickly with the big power that only a full stack can provide. With a stack set, you save yourself the hassle of looking for individual pieces, and you can be sure that each component will complement the others. If you're taking the stage at larger venues where your combo amp simply won't cut it, one of these kits will have you ready to go without having to micro-manage parts. So, what should you be looking for in a bass amplifier stack? The short answer is: the same things you would look for if you were buying the speaker cabinet and amplifier head individually. If you prioritize mellow, rich sounds above all else, look for a stack with a tube-based amplifier head to deliver the warm, characteristic tones that the platform is known for. If you spend a lot of time on the road and need your equipment to be as reliable as possible, you may prefer a durable solid-state head. Can't decide between the two? Choose a bass amplifier stack with a hybrid-type head that gives you some of the benefits of each platform. Match the features you want with the size and power level you need, and the result will be the ideal bass amplifier stack for you. These stacks give you the all-in-one convenience of a combo amp along with the room-filling might of a full-size speaker cabinet, making them ideal for experienced and new players alike.