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If you're a student of music, then you already know the name Steinberger. Radically different than any other bass guitar on the market, a Steinberger is built not only to stand out, but to give you tones you never thought possible. This combination of looks and power has made Steinberger one of the most popular brands of bass the world has ever seen. Steinberger basses are known first and foremost for their comfortable and balanced minimalist "headless" designs. These designs led these basses into the hands of some of the most revered players the music industry has ever seen. Artists such as Lou Reed, Dawayne Bailey of Chicago, Mr. Hardgroove of Public Enemy, and Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve are just a few of the names who have brought the groove to life by playing these innovative bass guitars. With a Steinberger of your very own, you can lay down captivating bass lines for everyone to hear.

If you're looking for an entry level Steinberger, you'll definitely want to check out the Spirit XT-2 Standard Bass Guitar. This travel friendly bass features the patented Steinberger Double-Ball tune-once tuning system as well as two (HB - HB) EMG Select bass pickups for a rich, powerful tone you're sure to be absorbed by. This bass also includes a unique folding leg rest that makes is easily to comfortably play while sitting down. Available in both left and right handed designs, this bass is perfect for any player.

On the other hand, if you're after a truly elite Steinberger, your search will almost certainly begin and end with the Synapse XS-15FPA Custom 5-String Bass. This bass is designed by Ned Steinberger himself and features a U-channel graphite core in a rock maple neck with a maple body. With a low-impedance EMG USA bass pickup that provides thundering lows and a lightning fast phenolic fingerboard, the playability and tone of this bass is, without a doubt, second to none.

Steinberger basses are always going to stand out from the pack. That's because they know what it takes to innovate and evolve. When you choose to plug into a Steinberger, you're plugging into a brand that has built a reputation you know you can trust.