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Bassoon Reeds

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Known for its rich, warm tones, the bassoon has long been recognized for its prominence in symphony orchestras, big bands and smaller chamber ensembles. As a woodwind instrument in the double-reed family, the bassoon relies primarily on an exposed cane reed to produce its signature, inviting sound. What makes the bassoon so unique is that it is a double-reed instrument. This means that two very thin pieces of cane are fused together leaving a razor-thin slit in between that allows air to enter and vibrate in the body of the instrument. The sound of the bassoon relies heavily on a well-constructed reed and the amount of breath control the musician has.

Selecting the right reed starts with determining what types are out there. There are both handmade and machine-manufactured reeds to cater to your music needs. Jones Double Reed Products follow a number of mechanized steps but are assembled by hand and wrapped in string that is coated with the strongest lacquer available. Jones Bassoon Reeds fit easily into your instrument and are a great option for both beginners and more advanced musicians that are looking for a durable, reliable woodwind accessory.

Singin’ Dog handmade bassoon reeds are made by professional bassoonists throughout the United States and are perfect for the player that might not have the time or the need to make their own. They use top quality cane and use a special reed knife to make sure their ends are scraped exceptionally thin to help you achieve the exact sound you desire.

Whether you’re a beginner bassoonist or a more experienced player, there is certainly a reed available to suit your specific sound needs. You’ll know exactly what sound you’re searching for, so take some time and get acquainted with what’s available when it comes to bassoon reeds.