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Is it really any surprise that a combo amp bearing the initials of rock's all-time greatest guitarist would have a reputation for extraordinary power and epic sound? EVH is none other than Eddie Van Halen's signature brand of musical equipment, and the minute you plug into one of his combo guitar amplifiers, you'll quickly understand why they're being praised by top-recording artists from around the world. In fact, EVH's ever-growing roster of players currently includes Limp Bizkit, Def Leppard, Carcass, and The Haunted.

From crisp cleans to growling overdrive, the tone you most desire can easily be achieved with a combo amp from EVH, and a perfect example of their versatility can be found in the 5150III 2x12. Packing 50 watts of tube power into two Celestian 12M speakers and three channels (Clean, Crunch and Lead), the 5150III also features a custom-shaped birch cabinet, vintage-style chicken head control knobs, and built-in DSP reverb. Exceptional for both live performances and studio recording, the 5150III is everything you'd expect and so much more.

And your EVH amp choices don't end there. For something a little more compact, take a look at the 5150III 1x12 combo amp in ivory. Featuring one specially-designed 16-ohm Celestian speaker, this killer amp is powered by seven JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes and two JJ 6L6 power tubes. Plus, it contains four-button footswitch control channels with reverb, and a front-panel adjustable power output ranging from 50 watts down to one watt. Overall, the 5150III 1x12 combo guitar amp is just what you need to have your talents realized by an audience.

When you got the skills and the drive to make it big, it only makes sense to arm yourself with a combo amp that was built to the exact standards of a rock god. No doubt, when you're ready to take your high-flying guitar skills to the next level, you can bet that an EVH combo guitar amp will guide you there.