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Whether you're in an orchestra, symphony, philharmonic, or a high school stage band, your drumming helps to hold the whole ensemble together. That's why it's essential to have an instrument you can rely on for durability and great tone, and that's where Ludwig comes in. Ludwig's selection of concert drums is sure to contain the perfect instrument to complement any ensemble. And the world-renowned name lets you know you'll always be investing in an instrument of the highest quality, crafted with over a century of know-how.

With its wide array of concert drum options, Ludwig is sure to have exactly what you need. If you're in the market for a set of toms, for example, the Ludwig LE-CT36-CC Concert Toms are a great option. These drums feature 7-ply birch and Italian poplar shells for excellent definition and tonal projection, as well as chrome-plated lugs for beauty and durability. They even come with angle-adjustable double-drum stands with slip-resistant rubber feet.

A percussionist on the lookout for a bass drum, on the other hand, will want to take a look at the Ludwig Concert Bass Drum with LE788 Stand. This 9-ply maple shell drum features self-aligning lugs, all-wood hoops and a Weather Master drum head for durability and exceptional tone. It even comes with an all-terrain metal stand with 4 wheels for easy transportation and maneuverability on stage.

To get truly versatile and top-of-the-line percussion sounds, however, the Ludwig LKG705KG Grand Symphonic Timpani Set of 5 is a great option. These 5 drums each feature suspended, hand-hammered bowls and Balanced Action™ tuning pedals to achieve the most overtone-free pitches possible. The friction blocks even sit astride the main horizontal pull rods, supporting the balanced action on both ends of the range.

No matter what instrument you prefer, Ludwig has an excellent selection of options for players at any level. And the company's innovative approach, attention to detail and longstanding musical knowledge will help you feel confident your new Ludwig concert drum is a sound investment.