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Often used in orchestras and school bands, the timpani (or kettledrum, as it's sometimes called) plays an important role in the rhythm, harmony, and melody of a musical piece. These days, you'll find a wide number of timpani drums to choose from, but when it comes to brilliant projection, resonance, and tone duration, Ludwig timpanis are truly in a class of their own. In fact, a simple glance at this selection will prove how dedicated Ludwig is to the construction of timpanis. From grand symphonic timpani sets of 5 to polished copper sets and even timpani tuning keys, Ludwig has your timpani needs covered, right here.

So which timpani is the right choice for you? You have plenty of options, but an easy way to narrow down your choices is by simply starting with the more popular sellers. For example, check out the LKS402F standard fiberglass timpani set of 2. Among the most widely-used in the world today, these timpanis include practical features like a balanced action pedal and tuning mechanism that is enclosed in the kettle. Highly recommended for college and school systems, the LKS402F set of 2 will have your timpani talents fully realized by anyone lucky enough to hear you in action.

Now, we couldn't talk about Ludwig timpanis without mentioning the model that has proven itself to be the ultimate timpani through countless masterful performances. Delivering exceptional playability, the 32" Polished Copper Timpani is mounted on 6 support struts and rods, and boasts a deep-drawn seamless kettle look. Combined with an interior tuning mechanism and patented Balanced Action design floor pedal, this drum is a versatile work of art, and its volume and power is nothing short of breathtaking.

As you can see, Ludwig certainly knows their timpanis. Of course, it's really no surprise when you consider that Ludwig has been a go-to name in drums and percussion instruments since 1909. In other words, you'll be more than happy with the results of any one of the timpanis you choose from this section.