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The most popular type of French horn that is used in orchestras is the double horn, and when it comes to exceptional tone and easy playability, Holton double horns are considered by many to be the finest on the market today. From their incredible intonation to their stunning appearance, every double horn constructed by Holton needs to meet specific standards of excellence to ensure they look, feel, and sound superior. Holton double horns are also the go-to choice of today's most renowned players, including virtuoso French hornist Lisa Bontrager, as well as past greats like Philip Farkas and Louis J. Stout.

Whether you're preparing for your first live performance or already a seasoned veteran of the stage, Holton offers plenty of double French horns to choose from. For intermediate players, you'll definitely want to take a look at the best-selling H379 Intermediate French Horn. Featuring the quality and elegance of a professional horn at a fitting price for up and comers, the H379 is crafted from hard nickel silver which gives the horn a very bright tone, and also makes it highly responsive. Combined with a mouthpiece and case, this option is ideal for any intermediate French hornist.

Now, for professionals who want to reward themselves, turn your attention to the H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn. Championed by experienced musicians and academics for its centered tone, this particular horn is regarded as the flagship of the Holton line, and the second you begin playing it, you'll understand why. Boasting a dark, rich sound that's complemented by a slight ringing overtone, the H179 allows you to play even the most difficult passages with ease.

When accomplished trombonist Frank Holton opened up his first musical instrument shop in 1898, there was no telling what kind of musical journey he was about to embark on. Today, Holton double horns can be found in concert halls around the globe because they're the gold standard by which all other French horns are judged, and any one of the models in this catalog will be sure to impress you.