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More so than any other musical instrument, drums definitely require the most amount of microphones to be recorded. For this reason, it's really no surprise that a respected microphone manufacturer like Audix would specialize in a wide array of microphones for every drum and cymbal on your kit. In fact, this section is loaded with options ranging from kick drum mics to clip-on condensers, and even complete drum microphone packs. No doubt, for drummers who want to be sure that their talents are fully captured on stage or in the studio, Audix is the name they can count on.

So what drum microphones are right for you? Obviously that will boil down to your own specific needs. For example, if you're looking for an affordable yet high-quality solution to miking your kick drum, check out the D6 Limited Edition Kick Drum Mic with Cable and Stand. Featuring an Audix D6 Limited Edition kick mic, a Gear One 20' mic cable, and a DR Pro DR-256 low-profile tripod mic stand with fixed boom, this package has everything to ensure your bass drum performance is heard in all its glory.

Or, maybe you're looking for a mic kit that will capture every nuance of your playing routine... in which case, the DP7 Drum Microphone Pack is a perfect solution. Boasting an i5 snare mic, a D2 for your tom, a D4 for your kick and floor tom, 2 ADX51 condensers for overheads, and 1 D6 kick mic, this set will fulfill the demands of percussionists and engineers alike. Additionally, 4 D-Vice gooseneck clips are included, and everything is packed in an aluminum road case, so you can bet these mics are safely guarded anywhere you take them.

Since 1984, Audix has been committed to providing musicians and sound engineers with tried and tested microphones to make their skills shine, and their drum microphones are considered by many percussionists to be the finest. So be sure to take a look at everything Audix has in store for you in this catalog; you'll have no problem finding the drum mics you need most.