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An electric guitar is a major investment, and like any valuable gear it needs to be properly protected when not in use. SKB offers a wide range of hard and soft shell cases to shield every possible type of guitar – from standard and Firebird, to V-shaped, Jazzmaster and more. So whether you're travelling from city to city for performances or simply storing in your home, a case or gig bag is a necessity to house your prized musical instrument, keeping it safe from accidental jostling, dust and debris.

Since 1977, American-based company SKB have been producing cases that are considered some of the best in the world. With a large catalog of products to choose from, the most important factor for you will be narrowing down your decision between a hard or soft shell case. Soft cases are lighter and simple to sling over your shoulder, making them ideal for home storage or quick local trips. However if your guitar will be transported over longer distances on an airplane or tour van, a hard case is a must-have. Rugged and heavy, these cases can weather virtually any travel situation. Whichever type of case you choose, you want to be assured your guitar will be in the same condition it left in.

When it comes to cases, one of the most versatile options available is the SKB ATA Electric Guitar Case, which accommodates virtually any model. Made from ultra-strong polypropylene, this case is waterproof, airtight and resistant to corrosion and impact damage. As well, a plush interior from top to bottom carefully cradles your instrument in any situation. If you're looking to safeguard your guitar with a hardbody case, try the SKB-FS6 Molded Case with all the same features as the ATA, but in a more streamlined shape. If you decided a soft case is what you need, the SKB Universal Shaped Soft Case offers a rigid foam interior to cushion your guitar and a lightweight nylon exterior for excellent portability. It even includes 3 bottom rubber feet to prevent tipping over in crowded areas.

Cleary SKB has you covered when it comes to superior quality electric guitar bags and cases. It's so important to safeguard your guitar at home or on the road. Go ahead and focus on making music knowing your treasured instrument is secure when it's out of your hands.