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No guitarist wants to be without an instrument for very long, even when we take to the road. But at the same time, full-sized guitars don't always travel well. Clearly, there's a need for a middle ground between portability and performance, and that's exactly what Traveler Guitar electric guitars are all about. Whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure, there's no reason not to bring music along for the journey. In fact, there are plenty of world-class guitarists who take Traveler guitars on the go, including Dave Tirio and Tim Lopez of the Plain White T's. In a tour bus, suitcase, trunk or anywhere else, there's plenty of room for these compact instruments.

The best part about Traveler Guitar electric guitars is that you get all the playability of a standard axe even at a fraction of the size. Their creative designs allow them to have full scale lengths for a natural playing feel. And with a model like the EG-1 Custom Electric Guitar, you even get the complete look and shape of a bigger instrument, condensed into a portable package. The EG-1 also has a built-in headphone amp and input jack, so all you need is a pair of 'phones to play along with your favorite tunes.

If you're looking for the absolute smallest option you can get, check out the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric Guitar. There's not even a fraction of an inch of wasted space of this instrument, yet it plays just like a full-sized axe whether you're a beginner or a pro. Maybe that's a little bit too compact for your tastes - in that case, the middle ground between the EG-1 and the Ultra-Light is the Speedster. These models, the Speedster Travel Electric Guitar and the Speedster Hot Rod Travel Guitar, have a layout like the Ultra-Light, but with some bolsters added to give you more to hold onto.

Of all the portable instruments on the market, Traveler Guitar Electric Guitars stand out better than most. That's because they don't try to be portable first and guitars second. It's the other way around: they're playable, high-performance axes that happen to be tiny enough to go anywhere. When you want an instrument that you'll never have to (and definitely won't want to) leave behind, look no further than Traveler Guitar.