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Thanks to modern technological advancements, FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis is no longer as complex to understand as it once was. In fact, today's FM synthesizers are fairly simple to use and their ability to produce intricate harmonics and one-of-a-kind sounds is why they're favored by talented producers and sound engineers from around the globe. This also means that many of today's top synthesizer brands specialize in instruments with FM synthesis engines, including Yamaha and Korg.

Most musicians would agree that the Yamaha Montage Series is the best way to introduce yourself to FM synthesis. Here, you'll find Montage Flagship synthesizers in 61-key, 76-key and 88-key versions. The Montage 7 76-key synth in particular happens to be a popular seller and it's easy to see why. It uses the Motion Control Synthesis Engine that combines and controls 2 legendary sound engines: AWM2 and FM-X. This synth's massive library will have you exploring effects and soundscapes in ways you've never imagined. From its realistic sound to its ease-of-use and portability, the Montage 7 is a must-have for any electronic musician.

Another best seller in this catalog is the Korg Volca FM. The sharp and metallic-like tones that have made Frequency Modulation synthesis so acclaimed since the early 80s is fully intact in this powerhouse. Specifically, the Volca manages to reproduce the sound engine of the original digital synth that made the music industry aware of FM synthesis and its capabilities. With a 16-step loop sequencer and incredibly easy sound editing knobs at your disposal, there's no telling what kind of strange new sonic worlds you'll stumble upon with the Korg Volca FM.

So there you have it! Whether you're already familiar with FM synthesis or are an adventurous composer who wants to try something new, this is definitely the selection for you. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that only the most respected companies are offered here - so any choice you make will be sure to impress you.