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Ask any guitarist and they'll quickly tell you that not all guitar strings are created equally. Differ-ent constructions and styles offer drastically different tones, making some strings better suited for specific tasks, while others are versatile enough to take on a variety of styles. Roundwound strings are one of the more popular string types in the music world today, and in this section you're sure to find the perfect set for you.

What helps to distinguish roundwound strings from others is a wire exterior that is wrapped around their core, which results in a slightly bumpy feel. With a bright, punchy sound, these are the kind of string that you've no doubt heard on stages around the world throughout the history of popular music. That said, while all roundwound have some similar characteristics, there are plen-ty of differences between brands that help each to stand out.

If you're not entirely sure which strings are perfect for you, your best bet is to take a look at some of our best sellers and take your search from there. For example, a set like the EXL110 Nickel Light Electric Guitar Strings 10-Pack from D'Addario is perfect for a regularly gigging mu-sician. World-renowned as "The Player's Choice" these strings offer a distinctly bright tone while reducing fret wear. Best of all, this is a pack of 10 sets of strings, so you'll always be ready if you need to make a quick change between songs.

Another popular option available here is the set of Light Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings from Elixir. These strings stand out thanks in part to their Nanoweb coating which ensures they are going to last for a long time. With a tone that is equal parts punchy and bright, these are definitely the type of strings you want on hand at all times.

Roundwound strings are always a great choice for your guitar. If you're after top notch tone from strings that will always be ready when you are, you'll be glad to have a set of roundwounds on hand.