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It should come as no surprise to most performers that wireless is the way of the future. By being free of the hassles that wires cause, you're free to road your stage and really make a connection with your audience. It doesn't matter if you're leading a sermon, delivering a major presentation, or hitting the stage for the first night of your band's tour, handheld microphones and wireless systems are an absolute necessity. Because handheld microphones play such an important role in your setup, it only makes sense that you would want yours to come from the very best. That's where VocoPro Handheld Microphone Wireless Systems come into play. With over two decades of experience in the industry, VocoPro is a forward thinking company that constantly pushes itself to the cutting edge, earning the respect of audio professionals around the world.

VocoPro knows that different people have different needs, and that's why they craft a wide variety of handheld microphone wireless systems. The end result of this variety is that you shouldn't have any issue finding the system that truly works for you. If you're not entirely sure where you should begin your search, your best bet may be to start with our top sellers and take thing from there. For example, the UHF-5800 Plus 4-Mic Wireless System with Mic Bag CH 3 is a professional, four channel system that comes at a price that won't break the bank. This set maximizes your vocal options while minimizing interference, while its 12-hour battery life helps to ensure that it's ready to go as long as you are, night in and night out.

Another popular option is the UHF-8800 Plus 8-Channel Wireless System with Mic Bag. A step up from the UHF-5800, this system is able to offer an amazing eight wireless microphone channels, all while maintaining a superior vocal reproduction that makes these mics a top tier option for singers, DJs, and public speakers around the world.

And these are only a small sampling of the handheld microphone wireless systems that VocoPro has for you. By giving you unparalleled freedom, wireless systems allow you to put the focus on what's really important, your performance.