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Getting the best sound quality out of a microphone is all a matter of positioning. Since each mic has a specific response pattern that "listens" to a certain area, having it turned the right way is essential. And the closer your microphone is to the audio source it's listening to, the lower you can set its level on the mixer, which means you'll get less interference and background noise. All of these are just a few reasons why podium & gooseneck microphones are so widespread.

Of course, no two usage scenarios are the same, so it will always be up to you to decide on the best mics for your needs. Whatever those are, you should be able to find them here. For instance, are you looking for a simple desktop microphone that can plug directly into your Mac or PC for recording podcasts and demos? If so, you're definitely going to like the Blue Snowball and Snowball iCE USB Microphones. Putting a permanent setup in place in a recording booth or on a podium? Try a gooseneck such as the Electro-Voice PolarChoice, or a purpose-built podium microphone like the Audix Micropod.

Even when it comes to specialty uses, there could be a great microphone here for you. Gooseneck mics go further than just the podium, after all. The Earthworks CMK5 CloseMic Kit for Drums is a great example. This ultra-high-end microphone package is a crossover between goosenecks and drum mics that gives you more customization than ever over the precise details of your percussion recording setup.

Podium and gooseneck microphones are, figuratively and literally, some of the most flexible mics you'll ever have the pleasure of using. Versatile enough for vocals and instruments alike, they're great for virtually any kind of performance. When you want your recording quality to be in the right place, it pays to use a mic that can be in the right place, too.