Apogee Recording Gear

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Recording equipment seems to become more accessible and easy to use by the day. Thanks to digital technology, the user-friendliness of preamps, monitors, and microphones is astounding, to say the least. These days, musicians are continuously looking for more portable ways of recording their music, and no longer does a high quality recording mean patiently waiting to get signed by a record label. In fact, a high quality recording can easily be achieved by simply going with Apogee recording gear. Apogee is always inventing new and exciting ways of making recording more straightforward and convenient for its users. Whether you're a home audio engineer, or a travelling band midway through a tour, Apogee recording gear is a breath of fresh air for those who are only familiar with complex setups.

From iPad interfaces to preamp modules, Apogee has everything a budding audio engineer could ask for. One of Apogee's top rated items is the JAM guitar interface for iPad, iPhone and Mac. This pocket-sized, plug-and-play interface is not only affordable, but it features PureDigital technology to deliver your guitar's true tone to your iPad or Mac. Another big selling item is the Apogee 8 Mic preamp module. Part of the Symphony I/O Interface system, this incredible module offers 8 Mic preamps with 4 instrument inputs and 8 insert points. In short, it's a perfect solution to customizing your symphony I/O.

Apogee recording gear is constantly receiving praise from the world's biggest rock stars. From Butch Walker and Peter Frampton, to The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Apogee recording gear is consistently used by experts who are looking to avoid the typical headaches brought on by jumbles of cables, cabs and mics. When the creative juices start flowing, nothing should stand in your way. And thanks to the convenience and affordability of Apogee recording gear, nothing will. You can now plug in, hit play, and record a piece of music that sounds polished and pristine.