Apogee Audio Interfaces

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The 1980s were the decade when music really started to open up to digital and electronic tools. That's probably why the best manufacturers of electronic pro audio gear, like Apogee, date back to those innovative years. Of course, audio tech hasn't stopped evolving since, and Apogee has been along for the entire ride, keeping pace with every new development and setting the standard for hardware design. Today, Apogee audio interfaces are a great example of what an interface can and should be. Since music and audio production are more digital now than they've ever been, a reliable audio interface is a basic part of any pro setup.

The basic job of an interface is simple: it's a translator, allowing analog equipment like instruments and microphones to work with purely digital tools such as DAWs. They can be as big or as compact as you like, depending on your needs. For example, the Apogee Duet Mac iOS is an ultra-portable interface that allows you to turn your Apple device into a mobile studio system. But for a professional studio rack, you're looking at full-sized options such as the Apogee Symphony I/O 8x8 Audio Interface with 8 Mic Preamps. Those preamps help make this is a top performer in features and audio quality alike.

There are also a few purpose-built interfaces in the Apogee lineup that make perfect choices if you have a specific use in mind. For instance, check out the JAM Guitar Interface for iPad, iPhone and Mac if you want to record your own digital demos or even use your Mac or mobile device as an effects unit. And if you're a fan of the Duet 2, take a look at the Apogee Duet 2 Breakout Box for expanding your connectivity options.

These are just a few examples of what Apogee audio interfaces and accessories have to offer, so feel free to take an even closer look at the selection and see what else there is to find. You'll be glad that you did - and whether you're equipping a world-class studio or simply looking to bring professional quality to your iPad, you'll find some great ways to get the job done.