Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Sets

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About Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Sets

Welcome the new Roland TD-17 electronic drum sets—the TD-17KL, TD-17KV, and TD-17KVX—to the Roland V-Drums family. Powered by the new, advanced TD-17 drum module and featuring rubber tom pads, the Roland TD17-KL gives more players access to high-end Roland drum sounds. The Roland TD-17KV features mesh drum pads that offer excellent rebound and realistic feel. The top-of-the-line Roland TD-17KVX adds larger diameter V-Cymbals and a VH-10 V-Hi-Hat. Both the TD-17KV and TD-17KVX also feature Bluetooth connectivity for wireless transfer to and from your DAW. The TD-17 electronic drum module lets you create custom sounds and drum sets from pre-loaded sounds and/or your own imported samples. Drummers are also able to capture up to 60 minutes of recording on the Roland TD-17 with a standard SD card.

Roland TD-17 electronic drum sets work well for beginner and pro drummers alike. TD-17 kits can endure heavy practice and are manageable enough to deliver impeccable sounds wherever drummers take them. Roland continues to innovate and advance the sound and capability of electronic drums with their powerful V-Drums. The TD-11, TD-25, TD-30, TD-50, and now the TD-17 are prime examples of the powerful technology and superior sound these kits are capable of.

Roland TD-17KL Electronic Drum Set

The TD-17KL is the entry into the TD-17 family and the most affordable model. The only drum set in the lineup not equipped with Bluetooth, the TD-17KL still includes the dynamic and powerful TD-17 drum module, as well as a PDX-8 dual-trigger mesh snare pad, three PD-8 rubber tom pads, the durable, responsive KD-10 kick trigger pad, two CY-8 dual-trigger cymbal pads, CY-5 dual-trigger hi-hat cymbal pad, FD-9 hi-hat control pedal and a dependable, lightweight MDS-4 drum stand.

Roland TD-17KV Electronic Drum Set

The middle tier of the TD-17 series, the TD-17KV is powered by the Bluetooth-capable TD-17 module. The TD-17KV's configuration consists of an advanced, 12" PDX-12 dual-trigger mesh snare pad, and three PDX-8 dual-trigger mesh tom pads for increased sensitivity and realistic feel.

Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Set

The flagship drum set in the TD-17 series, the TD-17KVX features several enhancements from the TD-17KV that increase its playability. The TD-17KVX is outfitted with the same module, snare pad, tom pads and kick pad as the TD-17KV, but comes with two larger CY-12C dual-trigger crash V-Cymbals, a CY-13R 3-way ride V-Cymbal, an advanced VH-10 V-Hi-Hat with a "floating" design that mounts to a beefier, traditional acoustic hi-hat stand, and a brawnier, hearty MDS-4KVX drum stand.