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No serious pro audio setup could be complete without a solid rack of signal processors to refine and clean up the sound. When you're looking for new gear to equip your live sound system or a studio for broadcast, recording or production, Empirical Labs signal processors will deliver the performance you need to get great results. For evidence of that, all you have to do is listen to some of the dozens of artists who use Empirical Labs, including Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, the Goo Goo Dolls, Fleetwood Mac and Metallica. In fact, you'd find a total of eight Empirical Labs EL8 Distressors in Joe Perry's setup. These are some of EL's most popular units. At the basic level, they're compressors and limiters, but the Distressor piles on plenty of functionality above and beyond that. By building in digital features, they've made this a really versatile device with strong capabilities to fine-tune your sound with as much or as little vintage warmth and character as you like.

Are you looking for the most versatile signal processor you can get your hands on? If so, you'll certainly want to consider the Empirical Labs Trak Pak Mike-E and Lil FrEQ Combo. This two-slot preamp box can take input from your mic and instruments, mix them together, condition the resulting signal and then finish it all off with a multiple-section EQ. There's a built-in Direct Box for pre-amping instruments as well as a saturation circuit to tame the extremes of your signal. With a Trak Pak Mike-E and Lil FrEQ in your stage setup, you won't need much else to get your sound fully tweaked and speaker-ready.

It's no secret as to why so many industry professionals and performers rely on Empirical Labs signal processors to power their sound onstage and in the studio. These high-end units are built for reliable performance from input to output, and they'll do wonders to help you produce the best professional-grade results every time.