Focusrite Signal Processors

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During the recording process, any expert will tell you that an engineer’s main goal is to capture the magic created in the studio as completely and thoroughly as possible. In order to do this however, you not only need the appropriate knowledge and skill. You also need the proper equipment, carefully constructed by professionals in the industry who take pride in assuring that your recording talents are revealed at their highest degree. With that in mind, you can be sure that Focusrite will always provide high quality preamps and signal processors, guaranteed to capture every note and subtle detail in the studio with impeccable precision and clarity. Signal Processing is a technique used by engineers to adjust the level of the original signal so an instrument or vocal can be captured more profoundly. And while there’s certainly a great deal of options out there to choose from, Focusrite is consistently the leader of the pack when it comes to style, performance, and affordability.

If you’re looking to expand the amount of mic-pre inputs on your interface, the Focusrite OctoPre Mkll Preamp is an ideal choice. From drums and guitars to keyboards and even vocals, the OctoPre MKll provides a multi-channeling recording solution that’s superb in quality and suitable for all audio workstations. A powerful input upgrade for your system, the Focusrite OctoPre Mkll Preamp will surely improve the fidelity of your various tracks.

Focusrite Signal Processors and preamps are constantly praised by sound engineers and musicians throughout the industry, and continue to be a number one choice in pro-audio gear. While you’re in the studio doing what you do best, your expertise should be backed by the absolute best recording equipment that money can buy. And with a knowledge and superiority that is simply unmatched, you can forever count on the builders of Focusrite Signal Processors to routinely test and research their gear, confirming it to be an exceptional addition to your audio recording setup.