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Nady has been at the forefront of audio innovation for nearly 40 years. As the winners of multiple awards, Nady knows what it takes to develop signal processors that are at the absolute pinnacle of technology. It is this focus on being at the top their field that has led Nady to become such a respected name amongst audio professionals. A quick look at some of the performers who trust their sound to Nady gear reveals a veritable who's who of legends in the music world. Names like Slash, Steve Vai, Jerry Only, Mick Mars, Johnny Cash, and more have all honed in on their signature sounds with help from a people at Nady. With such a commanding list of performers touting their benefits, it's no wonder you want to get your hands on Nady equipment.

With a variety of Nady gear available, there's no doubt you'll find everything you need right here. If you're not entirely sure where the best place to begin looking is, you definitely can't go wrong by checking out some of the top sellers. An option such as the DB-1 Direct Box, for example, is as indispensable as it is affordable. In the most basic of terms, the DB-1 will allow you to connect any high-impedance audio source signal to a low-impedance mic-level balanced input. Perfect for live use, as well as permanent installations, the DB-1 will open up a whole new world of possibilities for your setup.

Another popular choice is the PRA-8 Mic Preamp. This flexible preamp offers eight channels in one convenient rackspace. Each channel offers its own gain control, as well as peak LED indicator, so you can easily customize each, allowing you tweak your performance exactly as you see fit. This preamp is a no brainer for any studio.

And that's only a small taste of what Nady has to offer. Leading the way for nearly half a century has nothing to do with luck, it has to with consistently producing the very best gear that offers the power and versatility that users demand. At the end of the day, Nady delivers, and you'll be proud to have their signal processors as part of your rig.