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Dedicated to the power of the voice, TC Helicon knows what it takes to make singers sound their best. And with their complete lineup of signal processors, they've more than proven it. Passionate beyond belief and spending all their time innovating and creating equipment that continuously impresses, you can trust that TC Helicon will take your music to the next level. So what are you in need of in terms of gear? If you're here for TC Helicon's most revered signal processor, your search starts and ends with the VoiceLive Touch. In the studio or on the stage, the VoiceLive touch offers vocal harmony and effects, an easy-touch interface, performance looping and more... all in real-time. Finished with a unique mic attachment, you'll have complete control everywhere you sing.

If you're looking for something that you can stomp on while you play though, leaving your hands free to play an instrument, then you're here for the VoiceLive 2 Floor-Based Vocal Processor. Featuring a host of vocal effects, an easy-to-read display and a variety of analog outputs, this processor lets you set your parameters and go. With musicians of all genres using the VoiceLive 2 to enhance their vocals, if you're a stage-performer, this piece of equipment is what you've been waiting for.

That's just the beginning, too. With single voice effect pedals, connection kits, gig bags, bundles and so much more, TC Helicon makes sure they've covered all the bases for vocalists.

If you need even more reason to go with TC Helicon just take a look at the list of headliners that use their equipment. Skrillex, Queens of the Stone Age, Serj Tankian, Kimbra and famous comedian Reggie Watts all use TC Helicon gear to make their signature sounds. So no matter what scene you're representing when you take to the stage, the signal processors found here are ready to make sure you're heard.