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Synthesizers and samplers are like two sides of the same coin - they're both a form of electronic musical instrument, and the biggest difference between them is that synths generate sound from scratch, while samplers (as their name suggests) use pre-recorded samples, often with pitch-shifting to allow a range of notes and chords from a single sample. There are tons of uses for these digital instruments in a modern studio or production environment, and since they've always been electronic, it's no surprise that they take so well to the software format. Some of the most popular choices are found right here in the lineup of Image Line software synths & samplers software, so you're in the right place to get started. There are plenty of jewels in Image Line's crown, but the biggest one may be the Toxic Biohazard Virtual Software Synthesizer. It's the latest generation of their well-known series of Toxic Software Synths, and it's an incredibly versatile subtractive synthesizer, right down to its ability to work as a plug-in or a standalone app. But maybe you prefer your synths additive? In that case, the Image Line Morphine Software Download might be the way to go. Designed to deliver analog-like performance in a digital package, Morphine gives you the power to create a virtually limitless palette of sounds. If it's a sampler you're after, make sure to check out the Image Line DirectWave Software Download. They tout it as one of the most complete VSTi samplers on the market, and for good reason - it supports just about all of the major sound formats in use today, and it's a powerful piece of software with a 32-bit multitimbral sampler, 128-voice polyphony and very strong looping features that make it easy to lay out a track from start to finish. Or maybe you're interested in something that stands out as a unique offering in the field of synths and samplers? Image Line's Sakura software fits the bill there; it's a string modeler with the ability to reproduce so many string sounds that it can even generate the tone of physically impossible instruments like 20-foot guitars or bowed pianos. These are just a few examples showing what Image Line software synths & samplers software are capable of, so go ahead and take a closer look through the whole selection and you'll be sure to find a lot of potential for your own desktop or notebook-based studio. Software just doesn't get any more versatile than it is right here, and the possibilities are virtually endless.