Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces

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Invented in the mid-1800s, the soprano saxophone is the third biggest member of the sax family and plays in the key of Bb. While it is often used as a solo instrument in classical music, the soprano sax can also be found in jazz circles (Kenny G played the soprano sax, as did John Coltrane). As every soprano saxophonist knows, the instrument is equal parts fun and challenging to play - but like any sax, the right mouthpiece can make the difference between a good performance and a great one. Of course, you'll have no problem finding a soprano saxophone mouthpiece that boats a high level of craftsmanship. This catalog alone is loaded with choices from respected manufacturers like Selmer, JodyJazz, Theo Wanne and countless others.

A few factors need to be considered before you choose a soprano saxophone mouthpiece. The first factor will be your budget; soprano saxophone mouthpieces can range anywhere from $20 to $500. Other things to consider are the material it's made from and its shape design. Some saxophonists prefer the feel and dark sound of a hard rubber mouthpiece while others lobby for the durability and bright sound of a metal mouthpiece. As for shape, mouthpieces with wider tip openings make for a clearer, louder tone while narrow tip openings are usually easier to play.

For a mouthpiece in the $100-$200 range, you'll love the Dukoff D Series Metal Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece. Featuring an innovative baffle design and handcrafted from a special alloy called Silverite, it's no surprise that this mouthpiece is used by so many professional soprano saxophonists. Now, for a hard rubber mouthpiece in the same price range, check out the JodyJazz HR* Hard Rubber Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece. Reed friendly, free blowing and boasting a beautiful warm tone that's ideal for jazz, this mouthpiece will "blow" away even the most experienced stage veteran.

To mention every exceptional soprano saxophone mouthpiece here will take all day, so at this point feel free to do some browsing of your own. Honestly, your best bet is to try out a variety of soprano saxophone mouthpieces - after all, everyone has their own preferences. In the end, just remember that when you're ready to make a choice, this section has practically every soprano sax mouthpiece you could imagine.