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Soothing, warm, and mellow, tapewound strings are very popular with jazz and classical guitarists, as well as bass players who are striving for an upright bass sound. Designed with nylon that's wrapped around a metal winding to create a vintage and dark tone, tapewound strings is that they're very light and easy on the fingers, which makes them an ideal choice for novice players.

Within this catalog, you'll discover an extensive range of tapewound strings for both basses and guitars. From Fender to D'Addario, these companies each specialize in their own meticulously crafted tapewound strings, and also take great pride in ensuring that every string they manufacture will bring you countless years of musical enjoyment.

For a long-lasting string that offers a perfect balance of durability, playability and tone, the D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arté classical guitar strings come in a 3-pack, and are without a doubt D'Addario's premium classical guitar strings. These strings sound and feel superb in any setting, and for additional peace of mind, these strings are sorted by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser machine that performs diameter and tension measurements. In the bass string department, you'll love the Fender 9120 nylon tapewound bass strings. Like everything made by Fender, these bass strings are made with only the finest materials and attention to detail. Strong, comfortable and versatile, the Fender 9120 nylon tapewound bass strings are just another reason why players from around the world consistently champion the Fender name.

Regardless of your skill level, no musician should ever be without quality strings. They play an extremely significant role in the resulting tone of your instrument, which is why you need to be sure that you're going with a string set that's continuously renowned for their pristine sound and staying power. Tapewound strings are an excellent option for any musician who's searching for a new and unique playing experience, and you can bet that an high-quality set is waiting right here.