Moog’s exciting new Drummer From Another Mother, or DFAM for short, is a semi-modular percussion synthesizer. DFAM offers an all-analog sound, knob-per function layout and a unique and inspiring workflow for someone looking for a slightly different drum machine “experience”. Consistent with Moog’s other semi-modular synths, DFAM is capable of creating sounds right out of the box, or, if you want to get a bit deeper, you can use the included patch bay for all manner of modulation and patching fun. DFAM features an 8-step analog sequencer, with pitch and velocity controls per step. 


As compared with other drum machines, Drummer From Another Mother offers incredibly hands-on percussive pattern creation, providing an organic “feel”. DFAM features two analog oscillators (with square and triangle waveforms), a white noise generator, and an external audio input for sound generation. A straight-forward mixer section allows you to set each level according to taste. From there, DFAM's filter section offers a switchable a Low Pass / High Pass 4-Pole Transistor Ladder Filter, providing a wide-range of sound generation possibilities. One thing that's worth pointing out is that, unlike typical drum machines, DFAM is at its heart a monophonic synthesizer. This means that to build a full "drum kit", you'll need multiple DFAMs (for live performance) or you'll need to record individual tracks for each sound in your DAW of choice, requiring you to take multiple passes.

Supplemented by 24 patch points, the modulation possibilities are mind boggling, particularly when you consider how easily it can be connected to Moog’s Mother-32 semi-modular synth. Patchbay inputs include: Trigger, VCA CV, Velocity, VCA Decay, External Audio, VCF Decay, Noise Level, VCO Decay, VCF Mod, VCO 1 CV, 1→2 FM Amount, VCO 2 CV, Tempo, Run/Stop and Advance/Clock. Patchbay outputs include: VCA, VCA EG, VCF EG, VCO EG, VCO 1, VCO 2, Trigger, Velocity and Pitch.

In addition to its seamless integration with Mother-32, DFAM can be removed from its case and mounted into a Eurorack modular synthesizer system, offering further options for sound design. 

DFAM features a shared 1/4" TS Line/TRS Headphone output jack for connection to amplifier, mixer, headphones or audio interface.

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