Supro has announced a new two-channel, 50-watt guitar amplifier, the Galaxy. Combining classic Supro tone with an all-new OD channel design, Galaxy delivers a broad range of sounds that guitarists of all stripes will love. 

Check out our "All Playing, No Talking" demo, featuring Supro's talented team of designers and builders, below. 

Galaxy combines classic Supro cleans (Ch. 1) with a fresh, Zinky-designed overdrive channel (Ch. 2). 

Drawing it's inspiration from their Keely Custom amplifier model, Channel 1 of the Galaxy is designed for maximum clean headroom. The ideal pedal platform, you can comfortably crank up the volume without pushing the amp into the realms of distortion.

Channel 2 is the result of a collaboration between Supro president Dave Koltai and amp designer Bruce Zinky. Going where no Supro has gone before, the OD channel features multiple cascaded tube stages for more gain than you can shake a stick at. With indepedent Gain, Master Volumen and 3-band EQ, Channel 2 offers plenty of tone-shaping control. 

The all-tube signal path includes a 6-spring reverb, footswitchable solo boost and a buffered FX loop for running your time and modulation-based effects. The tube complement includes 4 12AX7s, a 12AT7 and a 12AU7 in the preamp section while the power section has two 6L6s. 

The new Supro Galaxy can be purchased as a head or a combo, with both a 1x12" extension cabinet and a 4x12" extension cabinet available.