Yamaha unveils their latest stage pianos, the CP73 and CP88.

Just in time for Winter NAMM 2019, Yamaha has announced two new digital stage pianos, the CP73 and CP88.

Building on years of industry-leading innovation, Yamaha's new CP stage pianos are aimed at players of all stripes. The two keyboards come loaded with a variety of gig-ready sounds, including three meticulously sampled grand pianos, a variety of electric pianos, organs and clavinets, as well as string and synth sounds. 

Designed with touring pros in mind, Yamaha made sure to make the layout quick and intuitive. Each section (Piano, E. Piano, Sub) has dedicated controls and effects, with a knob-per function-design. No more menu diving! Yamaha also built-in Seamless Sound Switching, allowing you to dynamically change sounds while sustaining notes with no sound cutoff.

The Yamaha CP88 features Yamaha's NP-GH3 keybed. The Natural Wood keybed features Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Key Tops, for a truly authentic piano playing experience. Comparatively, the CP73 features Yamaha's Balanced Hammer keybed, ideal for electric piano players. 

Check out our "All Playing, No Talking" demo video of the Yamaha CP73 and Yamaha CP88 below.