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It’s said that some of the greatest composers of all time have referred to the trombone as the "Voice of God". With their immaculate range and excellent intonation, it’s really no wonder why. The trombone’s rich and deep tone is unlike any other brass instrument. And thanks to their smooth playability and impeccable design, Getzen Trombones are the amongst the world’s most respected. As any player will tell you, the most significant part of the trombone is the slide, and the slides crafted for Getzen Trombones are the finest in the industry. Featuring sliver inside slide tubes, experts of the trombone frequently assert that Getzen slides are the quickest and smoothest trombone slides on the globe.

For an incredible sound that’s full of life and vibrancy, the Getzen 1052FD Eterna Series Bass Trombone is at the top of its class. Featuring a unique valve system that allows you to access the second rotor without going through the F, the Getzen 1052FD is amazingly responsive and versatile, and comes highly recommended by the world’s best trombonists. If you’re a beginner, look no further than the Getzen 351 Series Student Trombone. Using the same construction technique as the Getzen Custom Series Trombones, the superb combination of easy playability and sturdy craftsmanship makes this a perfect choice for novice musicians.

For beginners of the instrument, the trombone can seem a little baffling at first. And with the huge amount of trombone brands available, it can be hard to figure out what trombone will provide the quality and durability you deserve so you can further enhance your skills minus any bumps in the road. However, learners and professionals alike can always count on Getzen Trombones. That’s because Getzen Trombones are constructed by enthusiasts of the instrument who take pride in every trombone   they create. In the world of brass musical instruments, Getzen will forever remain a first-class design amongst trombonists for this very reason.