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When most musicians think of Fender, their first thoughts don't tend to be about ukuleles. After all, Fender is best known for the design and production of guitars and basses that are seen and heard on stages around the world. Fender's concert ukuleles may be one of their best kept secrets, but not anymore. On these pages, you'll find an impressive selection of Fender concert ukuleles. These authentically-crafted ukuleles take the bright, charming sounds of Hawaii and the South Seas and put them right at your fingertips.

Seeing is believing, so let's take a look at a few of the Fender concert ukuleles that call this section home. Fender's concert-style Mino'Aka Ukulele takes its name from the Hawaiian word for "smile", which is quite fitting considering both you and your audience will grin from ear to ear the second you start to play this wonderful instrument. This uke is made with a perfectly-aged, all-mahogany body with tone bar bracing to produce those sweet, mellow tones that are synonymous with this feel-good instrument. It's even got a special touch of Fender flair - the Mino'Aka features not only vintage-style chrome tuners, but also Telecaster headstock with a Fender fold screen logo front and center.

Now, if amplification is a big part of your end game, you're going to want to check out the Fender Mino'Aka Koa Cutaway Electric Ukulele. This beauty has a sleek cutaway body and features a Fishman Kula preamp/pickup system. All you have to do is plug into your preferred amp, turn up the volume, and you'll be able to strum all your favorite tunes. Like the acoustic Mino'Aka mentioned above, this electric uke also has Fender's Telecaster-style headstock, so you better believe that all your fans are going to know you're jamming on an exceptional instrument the moment you step onto the stage.

Whether you're here for your first uke or you simply want to add another great-sounding instrument to your collection, you can't go wrong with a Fender concert ukulele. These fun, entertaining instruments let you express your musical talent in a totally cool way. Acoustic or acoustic-electric, the choice is yours - happy shopping!