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Whether you're on the stage, rocking out in the jam space, or recording those new tracks in the studio, a top tier unpowered subwoofer can help your jams come to life like never before. Unpowered subwoofers are a fantastic investment for any audio professional, especially those who can't stop craving the low-end rumble of incredible bass tones. Since the subwoofer plays such an integral role in your audio setup, it should really go without saying that you should make sure that yours comes from a brand that you can trust such as Peavey. With half a century of experience in the field of audio technology, Peavey has the capability to produce top quality unpowered subwoofers and the accolades to back them up.

Peavey offers several different unpowered subwoofers to choose from, which means that you shouldn't have any issue finding the one that suits your needs. If you're not entirely sure where to begin your search, you'll definitely want to start by checking out our best sellers. For example, the PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer offers incredible accurate bass that has no trouble filling any room. Surprisingly compact for a 74 pound behemoth, this subwoofer will have everyone in the venue feeling the vibration when you start kicking out the bass.

Another popular option available here is the SP 118BX Single 18" Passive Subwoofer. Don't let the lightweight of this subwoofer fool you, it packs a serious punch. Designed for portability, this durable subwoofer cranks out high output, low distortion bass that will help you authentically deliver that exact tones you've been craving.

And these are only two of the many unpowered subwoofers that Peavey is here to offer to you. Award winning and held in the highest regard around the world, Peavey is the only brand you need if you're looking for an unbeatable unpowered subwoofer.