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Unpowered monitors have always had a place in the sound of rock n' roll. Having been used for decades, everywhere from Apple Studios in the UK to The Village in Los Angeles, they are the original form of monitors. Paired with your power amp, an unpowered monitor allows you to completely customize your recording studio's setup. The first thing you'll want to consider when picking out an unpowered monitor is space. How big is the room you'll be using to record? If you are looking to set up a small at-home studio, a pair of the Avantone Pro Passive MixCubes plugged into a studio power amp will provide you with a clear and accurate representation of what you are recording. For more professional studios, something like the Yamaha Club Series V gives you extremely precise audio required for larger arrangements due to the ability to handle low-frequencies. As well, hearing an accurate mix is crucial. Unpowered monitors are created to detail every small sound, buzz or muffle that might be present in the room that you are recording in. Maybe there is an air vent overhead you weren't aware of that is causing a noise to come through on the mix. A passive monitor's impulse response technology allows it to be sensitive to all sound, ensures any extra noise in the room is picked up so you can compensate and drown it out in your mix. When choosing a monitor you'll also want to look at the power of both the tweeter and the woofer. Since the tweeter handles the high frequencies and the woofer, the low, the consideration of what you'll be recording is important. If you are primarily interested in bass heavy reggae or funk, a monitor with a powerful woofer to bring out the bass line is ideal. If your work is more acoustic, a monitor known for its responsive tweeter may help balance things out a bit better. The unpowered monitor is a tried and true way to get the most out of your recording experience regardless of musical genre. When you have a power amp you're successful with, it's easy to find a monitor that complements your setup and gives you the best representation of your sound. At home or in your pro studio, there is a monitor to suit your needs.