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Translated from Italian, the term "Bellafina" would mean "beautiful fine." That makes it a fitting name for these breathtaking violins. Student instruments are Bellafina's specialty, so you'll find a great assortment of reduced-scale violins here such as in the Rainbow and Musicale series. These are punctuated by some excellent intermediate-to-professional level instruments as well - the Cantante, for example.  One of the best-known Bellafina violins is the Model 50. What distinguishes the Model 50 line from other instruments is that Bellafina has prioritized tone above all other considerations in their design. This means that, although the wood may not be as finely-flamed as in comparable models, the Model 50 violin will produce exceptional sound quality. These are still handsome violins, but with the emphasis on function over form, their true beauty is more to the ear than the eye.

For the most discerning musicians, Bellafina offers the Bavarian series. Only the best is good enough in this high-end violin: aged European spruce and maple for the body and ebony for the fingerboard, tailpiece and pegs. Even the strings are carefully selected, using the renowned combination of Dominant A, D and G strings with a Pirastro Gold Label E string. In the Bavarian Series Violin Outfit, a rigid case and brazilwood bow are bundled with the instrument itself to provide a complete package.

If you're looking for a departure from tradition that opens up new possibilities, you should also take a look at Bellafina's SSE electric violin. A built-in headphone jack makes this a fantastic practice instrument that you can play anywhere but only be heard by you. Or, if you want the whole world to hear, plug in to a guitar amp or PA system  - you can even use effects units if you like; an electric violin gives you a world of opportunities.

Whether you're interested in Bellafina's entry-level instruments, the higher-end Cantante and Bavarian or the unmatched versatility of the SSE electric violin, one thing that you can be assured of is getting a well-made violin. Correct sizing is important, especially for young and growing musicians, so be sure to order the right size and you won't be disappointed in your new Bellafina.