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  1. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro POPUP-OKE
    VocoPro POPUP-OKE
    Product Price $34.00
  2. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro UDH-PLAY-8
    VocoPro UDH-PLAY-8
    Product Price $457.02
  3. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-Play-4 4 UHF Wireless Headset Mics with Receivers
    Product Price $299.00
  4. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-Tour-10-4 Wireless System - Frequency Set 4
    Product Price $499.00
    Or $11/month for 48 months
  5. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-Tour-10 Wireless System
    Product Price $499.00
    Or $11/month for 48 months
  6. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-Tour-10-2 Wireless System
    Product Price $499.00
    Or $11/month for 48 months
  7. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-Tour-10-3 Wireless System - Frequency Set 3
    Product Price $499.00
    Or $11/month for 48 months
  8. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Digital-Quad-B3 Four Channel UHF Digital Wireless Headset & Lapel Microphone - Frequency Set 3
    Product Price $319.00
  9. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Digital-Quad-H Wireless Handheld Microphone System, Frequency Set 1
    Product Price $319.00
  10. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-Film-Handheld Wireless Handheld Video Mic System, Frequency Set 4
    Product Price $99.00
  11. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-Film-Handheld Wireless System, Frequency Set 3
    Product Price $99.00
  12. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-USB-Headset1 Two-Channel Digital UHF Wireless System with Headset Microphones and USB Receiver for PC or Mac (Frequency Set 1)
    Product Price $149.00
  13. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-Film-Headset1 Wireless UHF Headset Mic System for Digital Video Cameras Frequency Set 1
    Product Price $99.00
  14. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Digital-Quad-Conference 4-Channel UHF Digital Wireless Conference System, Set #1
    Product Price $319.00
  15. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro DigiNet-MT Mono Transmitter/Range extender for DigiNet Professional Wireless Audio System
    Product Price $99.00
  16. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro IEM-Assist-16 Professional 24-bit Digital Stereo Wireless Assistive Listening System With 16 Receivers
    Product Price $1,349.00
    Or $29/month for 48 months
  17. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-Film-HandHeld Wireless UHF Microphone System
    Product Price $99.00
  18. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-USB-Handheld UHF Wireless Microphone System
    Product Price $149.00
  19. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Commander-USB-Handheld Wireless System, Frequency Set 2
    Product Price $149.00
  20. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro SilentPA-IFB-12 One Way Communication System With 12 Receiver
    Product Price $1,299.00
    Or $28/month for 48 months
  21. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro DigiNet-Stereo Wireless Audio System for Active Speakers
    Product Price $299.00
  22. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro SilentPA-IFB-4 In-Ear Monitor System
    Product Price $599.00
    Or $13/month for 48 months
  23. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Digital-Acapella-8
    VocoPro Digital-Acapella-8
    Product Price $581.56
    Or $13/month for 48 months
  24. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro SingAndHear-Quad - All-in-one wireless Microphone / Wireless in-ear Receiver System
    Product Price $599.00
    Or $13/month for 48 months
  25. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro SingAndHear-Solo - All-in-one wireless Microphone / Wireless in-ear Receiver System
    Product Price $149.00
  26. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro SingAndHear-Duet - All-in-one wireless Microphone / Wireless in-ear Receiver System
    Product Price $299.00
  27. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro VX-12 500W 12" Karaoke Vocal Powered Speaker
    Product Price $305.00
  28. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Digital-Play-12 Wireless Headset/Lapel Mic System
    Product Price $857.67
    Or $18/month for 48 months
  29. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro KaraokeDual-Plus Karaoke System with Wireless Microphones and Bluetooth
    Product Price $199.99
  30. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro 12 CH. UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone system
    Product Price $939.00
    Or $20/month for 48 months
  31. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro UHF-5805 Plus Rechargeable Wireless System with Mic Bag
    Product Price $569.00
    Or as low as $12/month for 48 months
  32. 48-Month Financing**
    VocoPro TWIN BANK PRO-PLUS Digital DJ Karaoke System with Powered Speakers and Stands
    Product Price $809.00
    Or $17/month for 48 months
  33. Save w/SAVEMORE
    Product Price $159.00
  34. Sale
    VocoPro UHF-5800 Plus 4-Mic Wireless System with Mic Bag
    Product Price $299.99 Regular Price $399.99 On Sale Now!
  35. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro 8 Channel Wireless Headset/Lapel Mic-In-Bag Package
    Product Price $649.00
    Or $14/month for 48 months
  36. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Additional Transmitter for Silent Symphony
    Product Price $99.00
  37. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro SilentSymphony-DUO Wireless Audio Broadcast and Headphone System with Two Headsets
    Product Price $164.60
  38. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro SilentSymphony-Learn 10 Station Stereo Wireless Listening Center
    Product Price $499.00
    Or $11/month for 48 months
  39. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Digital-Acapella-16 Wireless System
    Product Price $1,044.15
    Or $22/month for 48 months
  40. Save w/SAVEMORE
    VocoPro Digital-Conference-12 Twelve Channel UHF Wireless Conference Microphone System
    Product Price $850.90
    Or $18/month for 48 months
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About VocoPro:

It's hard for any musician to stay still when they're performing. Thankfully, you don't need to worry about that when you go with a VocoPro wireless system. For more than 20 years, VocoPro has been building a reputation for high-end professional wireless systems. In fact, VocoPro is considered an industry pioneer thanks to their many "world's first" innovations and designs, including the first all-in-one entertainment PA system.

From huge concert productions to local singing contests, you'll find no shortage of exceptional wireless systems throughout VocoPro's extensive catalog. As any vocalist or sound engineer will tell you, wireless systems are a great way to cut down on messy cable clutter, and make the overall show run a lot smoother for everyone involved.

One of VocoPro's best sellers is the UHF-5800 4-channel mic system. Consisting of 4 Musician's Gear MS-220 tripod mic stands, and one 20-foot Gear One XLR microphone cable, this incredible wireless system is fantastic for both home entertainment enthusiasts and clubbers alike. Another great choice is the VocoPro UHF-5805 Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System. Whether you're putting four on the floor during karaoke or outfitting every member of your band, this system is a great way to keep the party shaking through the night. VocoPro also constructs high quality portable PA systems, and the JamCube is no exception. Full-featured and super easy to transport, this lightweight mini PA system is a dream machine for anyone on the go.

Wireless microphone systems are a blessing to any vocalist or musician who enjoys the freedom of movement during their performance. With VocoPro, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything constructed has been tried and tested by sound engineering experts, and has met very specific industry standard guidelines. Rest assured, it's easy to enjoy the freedom of music and movement simultaneously when you go with VocoPro.

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