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Ernie Ball 6 String Sets for Acoustic Guitar

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15% Off $199+ W/ Festive

It takes the right set of strings to get an amazing performance out of an acoustic guitar. Maybe you're looking for an upgrade from your stock strings, or it's simply time for a change to reinvent your tone. No matter the reason, when you need a complete course of strings, Ernie Ball's 6-string sets are great options to put on your acoustic guitar. Ernie Ball has a great reputation for making strings that push the envelope, and one of the ways they do that is by challenging the norm with innovative material choices. Their cobalt strings are well-known in the electric guitar community, but for your acoustic guitar, you'll be looking at options like the Aluminum Bronze series. These strings use a steel hex core with a unique aluminum bronze wrap wire, which makes them punchier and clearer than traditional bronze strings in the highs and lows.

Another one of Ernie Ball's claims to fame is the Slinky line of strings. Concertgoers will often hear these strings in action, since they're the preferred by artists like the Counting Crows, Maroon 5 and The Edge for their acoustic sets. Slinky acoustics are phosphor-bronze strings made to stand up to professional use on stage - conditions that definitely put some big demands on any set of strings.

If you're looking for a set of classic acoustic strings with all-around good performance, check out the Earthwood series. These are Ernie Ball's traditional strings, and they come in a heap of different varieties and gauges to help you get exactly the tone you're looking for. Some of the more interesting members of this line are the "silk & steel" strings, which have a layer of silk sandwiched between the wrap and core wires. That makes the strings' sound a bit mellower and gives them a very compliant, playable feel as you work the frets.

Whichever acoustic strings are right for your next upgrade, you can't go wrong with a 6-string set from Ernie Ball. These folks are one of the biggest players in the guitar string industry, and a single listen makes it easy to understand why. There's a good reason why musicians like Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton trust Ernie Ball to deck out their instruments: for these guitarists and tons more, the sound just can't be beat.