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The most famous musical instrument builders have long histories behind them, and Conn is no exception. In fact, with a story that dates back to the 1800s, theirs is one of the longer ones. Specializing in brass since the beginning, Conn has had well over a century to iron out all the details and polish their instruments to an incredibly high standard of build and sound quality. Today, Conn brass instruments are a top choice for any musician, from marching bands to orchestral settings and everywhere in between. If you want a world-class horn, you'll find it here.

One of the biggest claims to fame for Conn brass instruments is their extremely quick response. Together with their characteristic voice, it makes for a sound that's as lively as it is distinctive. You'll especially notice the difference in smaller instruments like the Conn 52BSP CONNstellation Professional Bb Trumpet. Designed from the ground up for expert players, it has the precision needed for the most technical playing styles.

Conn's larger instruments are every bit as impressive as their trumpets and flugelhorns. Whether you like the CONNstellation Series Double Horn, 62HI Dual Independent Rotor Bass Trombone or 5JW Series 4-Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba, you can take confidence that you're making a great choice. Aspiring to play the biggest instruments in the band? Take a look at the 20K Series Brass BBb Sousaphone and the 36K Series Fiberglass BBb Sousaphone. With your choice of bell material, you can get the right balance of weight and timbre for your needs.

Although music changes over time, there's no substitute for experience when building instruments - especially classics like brass. Conn has plenty of that experience, and not only do they have a wide selection of brass instruments here to choose from, they also offer some accessories like mouthpieces and a French horn care kit. No matter what you're looking for in your brass, Conn has a professional-grade instrument here for you.