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Way Huge began as a boutique pedal company in 1992. Founded by Jeorge Tripps, the company remained active until 1999 when Tripps took a job elsewhere. However, demand for the pedals remained high, and when Tripps came to Dunlop Manufacturing in 2008, the brand was resurrected. Today, Way Huge is more popular than ever, with their distinct pedals making waves throughout the music world. Simply looking at the list of artists who swear by Way Huge pedals should be enough to convince you of their quality. Acts and musicians as diverse as Simple Minds, Interpol, Mogwai, Coheed & Cambria, HAIM, Clutch, My Chemical Romance, Joe Bonamassa, and Troy Van Leeuwen all use Way Huge pedals to bring their songs to new heights on stage and in the studio. With such a diverse roster of performers using these pedals, it’s no wonder Way Huge is, just as its name suggests, way huge these days.

With such a wide assortment of Way Huge pedals to choose from, you’re bound to find the one that is perfect for you. If you’re in the market for an analog delay, you should definitely check out the Electronics Aqua-Puss MkII Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal. This popular pedal offers a tight 20ms of delay all the way up to a cavernous 300mms with a quick twist of the of the delay knob. Maybe you’re looking for something even more experimental. If that’s the case then definitely have a look at the Ring Worm Ring Modulator Guitar Effects Pedal. This pedal features a five way selector knob that allows you to quickly navigate through all sorts of low frequency oscillation patterns, giving a wonderful assortment of unpredictable modulation to tinker and play with. Maybe you’re more interested in some straight up, classic overdrive crunch. If so, have a listen to the Green Rhino MkII Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal. This pedal offers up crystal clear leads, yet can just as easily shake the stage with punchy grit, making it a great choice for nearly any player.

Way Huge has built a reputation on a mountain of serious riffs. Some of the greatest performers in the world swear by these pedals, and before long, you will too. For hobbyists and touring pros alike, plug into a Way Huge pedal and you’ll never look back.