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Whether you’re looking to start your musical endeavor off right or want to get something for the mini musician in your life, electric guitar value packages have everything you need to really rock out. From blues to heavy metal to classic rock, there is a guitar pack out there that gives you the tools you need to try a new musical genre or get started out. Beginners will find options like the Alfred Teach Yourself Guitar Starter Kit perfect for learning the basics and getting to know the electric guitar. Included DVDs guide you step by step through learning notes, chords, scales and setup of your first electric, while the amp, guitar and extras have basic features that make it easy to figure out for first timers. Kids and adults alike can benefit from the tried and true learning techniques packs like this offer. Should you be looking into some potential performing, there are a few options that get you ready to hit the stage. The Peavey Raptor Stage Pack or the Epiphone SG Electric Guitar Performance Pack is complete with everything from an amp to a strap to all the cables you’ll need to plug in and play. With the included gig bag, you can throw in all your gear and be ready to head out to your performance in no time. If you want to try out a specific type of music there are some packs that can help you get your new style of playing underway. For heavy metal enthusiasts, packs like the B.C. Rich Warlock Electric Guitar and Amp give you the proper guitar, amp and features that allow you to shred seconds after you get the kit setup. Classic rockers will find options like the Squier Affinity Stratocaster Electric Guitar Pack given that the vintage styling, pickup and amp choice. These packs are customized to make it much easier to get going playing your favorite songs and styles. Guitar packs take the guess work away when it comes to buying a guitar for the first time. When you know what level you’re at or what style you want to try it’s easy to browse the packs and make a quick decision that will serve you well and get you excited for your musical future.