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Intermediate Bb Trumpets

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Excellent Condition
Throughout its long history, the trumpet has been used as a signal for hunters and soldiers as well as a musical instrument. Could be that King Tut even liked to toot his own horn since bronze and silver trumpets were discovered in his tomb. Because their role in the army was so important in medieval times, trumpet players were part of a very select guild and were highly guarded by the other troops. Moving ahead to more recent times, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis are just a couple of notable artists who've influenced many musicians to pick up this expressive brass instrument. When you're ready to bridge the gap between budding musician and seasoned player, this large selection of intermediate Bb trumpets is definitely worth a look.

Take the Allora ATR-130 1M Aere Metallic Series Plastic Bb Trumpet for example: it's lightweight, durable, colorful, and fun to play. If you have a kid interested in playing, it's a terrific horn to test the waters with. Made of metal and ABS plastic, these trumpets offer a cool way for students to proudly display their school colors in marching bands and are practical when you're travelling. They even make playing in cold weather more enjoyable. Because it sounds so vibrant and true, many experienced musicians like to play this best-selling horn during warmups before performances and to keep their chops up between gigs.

Maybe you're a student ready to progress to the conservatory level or you're a pro looking for a quality horn suited to small venues or practice sessions. The Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate Bb Trumpet has a gold brass bell to produce a richer, wider range of tones and durable parts that stand the test of time. Lightweight with a free-blowing feel, this Bb is the ideal in-between after your first trumpet and before moving to a professional horn.

As you prepare to take the next step on your musical journey, check out this vast assortment of intermediate Bb trumpets and in no time you'll find one that's exactly right for you. Both students and professional trumpeters will be pleased with the tone and quality of these brass instruments from well-known brands and geared toward intermediate players. Whether you play in the school band, at a jazz club, or in a symphony orchestra, these are all fantastic possibilities to consider as you decide on the perfect one for you.