iOS Accessories

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The invention of the iPad and iPhone has really changed the game for musicians. Having become an almost indispensable tool for professional and amateur artists, it's important to make use of your portable device to their full potential. With a wide assortment of iOS accessories available to you, it's easy to make sure that you do. When you're looking for iOS accessories it's important to note that they run from functional to fashionable, so knowing what you want to do with your iPad or iPhone will make the entire process much easier. If you're performing a set with the band or giving a speech, there are options that allow you to easily display notes on your device so you won't forget chords, words, or even the set list. Accessories such as the IK Multimedia iKlip 2 iPad Music Stand Adaptor or the K&M iPad Holder with Prismatic Clamp allow you to easily attach your device to your mic stand so you can bring up crucial information at a moment's notice. Forgetting the lyrics is no longer an issue. For a musician whose hands are occupied while performing, it can be a little trickier to scroll through your iPad's display, which is why you'll want to check out an accessory like the AirTurn Bluetooth BT-105 with 2 Boss FS-5U Footswitches. It allows you to quickly turn sheet music on your iPad with a tap of your foot, without having to stop what you're doing and fumble with papers. When you've got your hands full on stage, an accessory like this gives you one less thing to worry about. Maybe you just want your iPad or iPhone to reflect your musical style. If that's the case, there is a great assortment of cool and colorful cases for your devices from Hal Leonard featuring artwork from Fender Guitars. If you want to make a statement then check out the LightSnake Illuminated iPod Dock Cable that lights up when in use. Not only does it look great, but it's convenient if you're looking for your device in a dark room. With iOS Accessories, your iPad or iPhone will be even more useful and trendy than ever before. Whether you're looking for added functionality on the stage, or just want to give your device a distinct look that stands out, these accessories are perfect for you.