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Earthworks Microphones

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    Product Price $499.00
    Or $11/month for 48 months
  2. Earthworks MC3 Microphone Clip for M30BX
    Product Price $29.00
  3. Earthworks M50 Measurement Microphone
    Product Price $1,299.00
    Or $28/month for 48 months
  4. Earthworks DK7 Microphone Kit for Full Drum Set
    Product Price $2,999.00
    Or $63/month for 48 months
  5. Earthworks CloseMic Kit with 4 Microphones for Close Miking Toms & Snare
    Product Price $1,699.00
    Or $36/month for 48 months
  6. Earthworks MC1 Microphone Clip
    Earthworks MC1 Microphone Clip
    Product Price $29.00
  7. Earthworks SR314 Cardioid Handheld Vocal Microphone
    Product Price $699.00
    Or as low as $15/month for 48 months
    Open Box:
  8. Earthworks QTC40mp & 1022 ZDT Kit
    Earthworks QTC40mp & 1022 ZDT Kit
    Product Price $4,398.00
    Or $92/month for 48 months
  9. Earthworks SV33 Studio Vocal Microphone
    Product Price $2,399.00
    Or $50/month for 48 months
  10. Earthworks CMK5 CloseMic Kit with 5 Microphones for Close Miking Tom & Snare
    Product Price $2,099.00
    Or $44/month for 48 months
  11. Price Drop
    Earthworks DM20 DrumMic Close Miking Tom and Snare Microphone
    Product Price $349.00
  12. Earthworks TC20mp Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $869.00
    Or $19/month for 48 months
  13. Earthworks C30 Hanging Choir Microphone
    Product Price $759.00
    Or as low as $16/month for 48 months
  14. Earthworks FW730MP 7 Foot FlexWand With Cast Iron Base Matched Pair
    Product Price $2,699.00
    Or as low as $57/month for 48 months
  15. Earthworks M30 Measurement Microphone
    Product Price $699.00
    Or $15/month for 48 months
  16. Earthworks RM1 Drum RimMount
    Earthworks RM1 Drum RimMount
    Product Price $149.00
  17. Earthworks WL40V Wireless Capsule
    Earthworks WL40V Wireless Capsule
    Product Price $799.00
    Or $17/month for 48 months
  18. Earthworks FlexMic FM360
    Earthworks FlexMic FM360
    Product Price $559.00
    Or as low as $12/month for 48 months
  19. Earthworks QTC50 Omnidirectional Microphone
    Product Price $1,399.00
    Or $30/month for 48 months
  20. Earthworks SRW3 Foam Windscreen
    Earthworks SRW3 Foam Windscreen
    Product Price $29.00
    Product Price $29.00
  22. Earthworks TC20 Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
    Product Price $399.00
  23. Earthworks P30/C Periscope Mic
    Earthworks P30/C Periscope Mic
    Product Price $669.00
    Or as low as $14/month for 48 months
  24. Earthworks M30mp Measurement Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,499.00
    Or $32/month for 48 months
  25. Earthworks M50mp Measurement Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $2,799.00
    Or $59/month for 48 months
  26. Earthworks M30BXmp Measurement Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,769.00
    Or $37/month for 48 months
  27. Earthworks M23mp Measurement Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,069.00
    Or $23/month for 48 months
  28. Earthworks M30BX Measurement Microphone
    Product Price $819.00
    Or $18/month for 48 months
  29. Earthworks FlexWand FW430 with Tripod Base
    Product Price $1,259.00
    Or as low as $27/month for 48 months
  30. Earthworks FlexWand FW430 with Cast-Iron Base
    Product Price $1,259.00
    Or as low as $27/month for 48 months
  31. Sale
    Earthworks PM40 Piano Microphone System
    Product Price $1,999.00 Regular Price $2,999.00
    Or $42/month for 48 months
    On Sale Now!
  32. Earthworks PM40T Touring PianoMic System
    Product Price $3,199.00
    Or $67/month for 48 months
  33. Earthworks QTC40 Omnidirectional Microphone
    Product Price $999.00
    Or $21/month for 48 months
  34. Earthworks QTC30mp Omnidirectional Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,699.00
    Or $36/month for 48 months
  35. Earthworks P30/Cmp Periscope Mic (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,439.00
    Or as low as $30/month for 48 months
  36. Earthworks P30/HCmp Periscope Mic (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,439.00
    Or as low as $30/month for 48 months
  37. Earthworks FlexWand FW430 with Tripod Base (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $2,619.00
    Or $55/month for 48 months
  38. Earthworks TC25mp Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,099.00
    Or $23/month for 48 months
  39. Earthworks IM6-W 6in Gooseneck Microphone
    Product Price $699.00
    Or $15/month for 48 months
  40. Earthworks SR25mp Cardioid Condenser Mic (Matched Pair)
    Product Price $1,339.00
    Or $28/month for 48 months
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If you're the type of musician who likes to go above and beyond the usual standard, you've got something in common with Earthworks founder David E. Blackmer. When he started the company in the late 1980s, Blackmer was on a mission. Having done extensive research on sound, he believed that human hearing is much finer than previously thought, and all of the microphones that Earthworks produces are based on that principle even today. Following the concept that ultrasonic frequencies play an important role in accurate sound reproduction has made Earthworks microphones some of the most precise recording devices anywhere. They're also among the most distinctive mics, with their futuristic brushed-metal casings. Earthworks is mostly known for their extremely high-ranging omnidirectional and cardioid microphones, which have top-end frequency response as high as 40kHz in models like the QTC40mp and SR40mp or even 50kHz from the M50mp and QTC50mp. All of these mics use a 6mm electret capsule, with the extended-range models adding in electronic and mechanical filters that allow them to achieve that flat frequency response well above the roughly 20kHz ceiling of capsules alone.

While those ultra-wide range models are the Earthworks flagships, all of their microphones are state-of-the-art. They also have a broad selection of podium mics, which are great for all kinds of general recording tasks. The C30 hanging choir mic is second to none for capturing the accurate sound of a large ensemble. For instrument-specific recording and amplification, take the PM40T piano mic and the CMK5 close mic kit for drums into consideration. If your voice is your instrument and you'd like to bring Earthworks' high-definition response to your wireless handheld system, the answer is the WL40V capsule, which has a more standard look and built-in windscreen.

Because the shape of most Earthworks microphones is so unconventional, they also provide a well-appointed line of windscreens and stand clips. For the SR20, 30 and 40, windscreens are available which mimic the look of a standard dynamic microphone. You can also choose from a few different foam windscreens, depending on which Earthworks mic you'll be using it with. The clips are a similar arrangement - just look for the one that's compatible with your microphone and you're all set.

Once you've put together your dream combination of Earthworks microphone and accessories, you'll have the equipment you need to share in David Blackmer's vision of revolutionizing the recording field. Can you hear 40kHz? When you hear the incredible recordings from one of these microphones, you'll know firsthand that it makes a difference.
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