Multi-Channel DJ Mixers

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A DJ's work can come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and the same thing goes for the gear used to make it happen. While a DJ battling in a scratch contest will be well-equipped with a 2-channel mixer, there are plenty of other situations where you'll really benefit from having more channels on your board. From large nightclubs to the biggest portable setups, multi-channel DJ mixers are at the heart of every system that has to juggle lots of audio sources or is designed to take advantage of extensive effects. Of course, what you need the channels for specifically is beside the point - what matters is you can find a mixer that has them right here in this section.

The first question you should be asking yourself is probably how many channels you want in the first place. Sometimes two is almost enough, and you'll have all the overhead you need from something like the Numark M4 3-Channel Scratch Mixer. On the other hand, if you're planning an installed setup with half a dozen different sources, a high-channel-count model like the Behringer DX2000USB Pro 7-Channel DJ Mixer might be called for. Scaling the mixer to your needs is the most important step in picking one out.

Next up on the priority list is checking the features on each multi-channel DJ mixer that catches your eye, so you can decide which capabilities are the best fit for you. As an example, you might consider the Denon DN-X1600 4-Channel Digital DJ Mixer if you want some expanded A/V control functions, as well as the ability to synchronize your visual effects with the beat automatically. Looking for a flagship model from one of the biggest names in the business? In that case, how about the Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 4-Channel Rekordbox DJ Mixer, or something similar from Allen & Heath?

No matter which multi-channel DJ mixers rank as the best options for your setup, what matters most is that you're getting the hardware you need to take your DJing to the next level. That could mean incorporating more diverse audio sources, using a mixer's send/return loop to add external equipment and effects, or maybe something else altogether. The mixers in this section are up to the task any way you slice it, so however you plan to move forward, you're in the right place to get started.