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Radial Engineering Signal Processors

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  1. Radial Engineering ProDI Passive Direct Box
    Product Price $99.99
  2. Radial Engineering ProD2 Passive Stereo Direct Box
    Product Price $149.99
  3. 36 Month Financing*
    Radial Engineering Workhorse 500 Series Rack and Mixer
    Product Price $1,399.99
    Or $39/month for 36 months
  4. Radial Engineering Pro RMP Passive Reamping Direct Box
    Product Price $99.99
  5. Radial Engineering Reamp JCR Passive Reamper
    Product Price $199.99
  6. Radial Engineering J48 Phantom Powered Active Direct Box
    Product Price $199.99
  7. 36 Month Financing*
    Radial Engineering Q4 Four Band Semi-Parametric EQ
    Product Price $599.99
    Or as low as $17/month for 36 months
    Open Box:
  8. Radial Engineering Tank Driver Spring Reverb Interface
    Product Price $299.99
  9. Radial Engineering X-Amp Active Reamplifier
    Product Price $199.99
  10. Radial Engineering StageBug SB-5 Stereo Laptop Direct Box
    Product Price $99.99
  11. 36 Month Financing*
    Radial Engineering Workhorse - SixPack 500 Series Desktop Rack
    Product Price $499.99
    Or $14/month for 36 months
  12. Radial Engineering ProAV2 Stereo Direct Box
    Product Price $169.99
  13. Radial Engineering JDI Stereo Passive Direct Box
    Product Price $299.99
  14. Radial Engineering J48 Stereo Active Direct Box
    Product Price $299.99
  15. Radial Engineering HotShot DM1 Microphone Signal Muting Footswitch
    Product Price $89.99
  16. Radial Engineering PZ-DI Acoustic/Orchestral Instrument Active Direct Box
    Product Price $229.99
  17. Radial Engineering USB-Pro Stereo USB Laptop DI
    Product Price $229.99
  18. Radial Engineering HotShot ABO Line Output Selector
    Product Price $99.99
  19. Radial Engineering JPC Stereo PC DI Box
    Radial Engineering JPC Stereo PC DI Box
    Product Price $199.99
  20. Radial Engineering McBoost Microphone Signal Intensifier
    Product Price $199.99
  21. Radial Engineering Catapult Mini RX 4-Channel Cat 5 Audio Snake
    Product Price $89.99
  22. Radial Engineering Stagebug SB5W Wall Mounted Multimedia Stereo DI box
    Product Price $109.99
  23. Radial Engineering Catapult Mini TX 4-Channel Cat 5 Audio Snake
    Product Price $89.99
  24. Radial Engineering 500 Series 1 Slot Filler Panel
    Product Price $14.99
  25. Radial Engineering Duo 500 Series Double Wide Filler Panel
    Product Price $14.99
  26. Radial Engineering DiNET DAN-TX2 2-Channel Dante Network Transmitter
    Product Price $449.99
  27. Radial Engineering DiNET DAN-RX2 2-Channel Dante Network Receiver
    Product Price $449.99
  28. Radial Engineering LX-2 Line-Level Splitter and Attenuator
    Product Price $219.99
  29. Radial Engineering Backtrack, Stereo Audio Switcher
    Product Price $349.99
  30. Radial Engineering SAT-2 Stereo Audio Attenuator & Monitor Controller
    Product Price $129.99
    Open Box:
  31. Radial Engineering Catapult 4-channel Cat 5 Audio Snake (TX4 Transmitter Module)
    Product Price $139.99
  32. Radial Engineering Catapult 4-channel Cat 5 Audio Snake (RX4 Receiver Module)
    Product Price $139.99
  33. 36 Month Financing*
    Radial Engineering SW8 8-Channel Passive Auto Switcher
    Product Price $1,199.99
    Or as low as $34/month for 36 months
    Open Box:
  34. Radial Engineering DiNET DAN-RX Direct Box
    Product Price $399.99
  35. Radial Engineering LX-3 Passive 3 Channel Line Splitter
    Product Price $259.99
    Open Box:
  36. Radial Engineering Key-Largo Keyboard Mixer and Performance Pedal
    Product Price $379.99
  37. 36 Month Financing*
    Radial Engineering Twin-Servo 500 Series Preamplifier
    Product Price $999.99
    Or $28/month for 36 months
  38. Radial Engineering BT-Pro Bluetooth Direct Box
    Product Price $229.99
    Open Box:
  39. Radial Engineering JDX-48 Reactor Guitar Amp Direct Box
    Product Price $199.99
    Open Box:
  40. 36 Month Financing*
    Radial Engineering Space Heater 500™ Series Tube Drive
    Product Price $699.99
    Or $20/month for 36 months
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Signal processors, in their many varieties, are a critical part of any professional audio setup. They do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to shaping the sound of a recording, so having reliable, high-quality units is a must. Fortunately, that's exactly what Radial Engineering strives to do with their signal processors. Here you'll find a good range of devices that you can count on to deliver the features you need for your home or professional recording studio.  Radial Engineering's specialty is the "direct box," or DI unit. That's the category that most of these signal processors fall into, and each one is designed to excel at a particular role - so it's important to consider your needs when picking one out. Usually, you'll use a direct box to connect your line-level audio output from instruments and other primary audio sources to low-impedance devices like mic preamps or mixing consoles. Figuring out which DI unit is right for you will depend mostly on what you're looking to connect together.

Some of Radial's other signal processors have more specialized uses. Take the SGI TX/RX Studio Guitar Interface for example. These boxes are long-distance guitar signal carriers, allowing you to send your instrument's tone to an amp as far away as 350 feet. That means you have total freedom to compartmentalize a studio, or even to improve your tone onstage by lowering the monitor amp volume and routing the signal to a second offstage amp.

Of course, sometimes you might want to drive a whole stack of amplifiers from a single instrument. For that, you can use the Radial Engineering JD7 Injector Guitar Signal Distribution System. This rack-mounted box duplicates its input across as many as seven outputs, giving you a ton of versatility to split up your signal for driving multiple amps or mixers at once or even just to give yourself a quick way to switch from one amp to another on the fly.

Whenever you need to connect two different components together, there's a decent chance you'll need a direct box to help them ""talk"" to each other. Or maybe it's one of the more specialized signal processors that you're looking for. Either way, Radial Engineering is a great choice, with a solid reputation for quality backing up every unit that they ship.
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